måndag 27 maj 2013

Yummy start of the week

I have recently discovered the most amazing recipe for pancakes. I still want to keep it somewhat healthy and when A asked for a pancake I started my quest for a good one.

Im currently avoiding flour and sugar and Im then limited quite a lot with the ingredients.

Anyway, started looking around and found a really good recipe for pancakes made of bananas, and it is so simple you cant fail!

1 banana (or as in my case, the Nigerian banana is very small and sweet so I took 3).
2 Eggs
1 hand full of chopped peanuts

Mash the bananas in a bowl and mix with the eggs, add half of the peanuts. Fry in a pan with butter. This mix lasts for 2 pancakes. When done, garnish with fresh fruit, (this case Mango) and chopped peanuts.

Super yummy and healthy!

What do you think, Banan-prinsessan?

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