onsdag 29 maj 2013

Write it down

Hey guys, Whats up?
This past weekend I spent some time with some very cute ladies here in Lagos. To the left, Beautiful Mia, my friend, and also neighbor. She is an entrepreneur by spirit and always have a 100 things cooking. The rest of the weekend was spent working, with friends and getting my house in order. I have also started using more makeup lately for some (obvious) reason. Im really liking the difference a little makeup can do to your face. How you can create a different look just using a color of a eye shadow or in this case a lipstick.

Btw, the same evening this picture was taken my head was a bit of a mess, internally, I wanted to use my leopard scarf (as in picture). I decided it needed to be ironed. I put up the board and started to look for the iron. I looked everywhere in the flat but couldn't find it. I went to the kitchen to look there, I went into the storage and saw a can of tuna. I then decided to make tuna salad. I start chopping away. Onions, garlic, silver onion, mixed with tuna and spices, herbs and mayo. (I got the best recipe for it, let me know if you want it). After 15 min I'm done and I go into the bedroom area, "Oh yes...I was looking for the iron". This is seriously how scattered my brain can be. I will go into a room and have forgotten why I went there. :) I write everything down in my phone and in a note book and then I'm fine.

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