torsdag 2 maj 2013

Along the coast and San Francisco

So the driver up the coast was absolutely amazing, extremely beautiful and we stopped many times along the way to just take in the view. It was super foggy when we set off but it disappeared as the day proceeded. When we reached San Francisco we took one of these "hop on-Hop off" busses. You get a good view of the city and can easily orientate your self after one of these drives. Anyway, some pictures below...

Steep slopes and residential area in San Francisco

Foggy morning


Checking into the hotel we got freshly made chocolate chip cookies (still warm from the oven) and Starbucks coffee, and an apple that I polished off quite quickly... :)

Dress from Marlene Birger and

Antipasto Pick nick watching the sunset on the balcony

We made a friend thanks to the lovely pick nick

Tickle Pink Inn, our balcony overlooking the ocean

Big city, close to the ocean, good mix


Down town San Francisco. 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Daniel Wendle3 maj 2013 09:51

    Vilka härliga bilder!
    Så skönt att ni fick komma bort lite och bara vara tillsammans!
    Det är ni sannerligen värda!
    Jag åkte den där vägen 1997 och det var rätt sjysst då också... ;)

    Stor kram från oss!

  2. Breathtaking