onsdag 29 maj 2013

Write it down

Hey guys, Whats up?
This past weekend I spent some time with some very cute ladies here in Lagos. To the left, Beautiful Mia, my friend, and also neighbor. She is an entrepreneur by spirit and always have a 100 things cooking. The rest of the weekend was spent working, with friends and getting my house in order. I have also started using more makeup lately for some (obvious) reason. Im really liking the difference a little makeup can do to your face. How you can create a different look just using a color of a eye shadow or in this case a lipstick.

Btw, the same evening this picture was taken my head was a bit of a mess, internally, I wanted to use my leopard scarf (as in picture). I decided it needed to be ironed. I put up the board and started to look for the iron. I looked everywhere in the flat but couldn't find it. I went to the kitchen to look there, I went into the storage and saw a can of tuna. I then decided to make tuna salad. I start chopping away. Onions, garlic, silver onion, mixed with tuna and spices, herbs and mayo. (I got the best recipe for it, let me know if you want it). After 15 min I'm done and I go into the bedroom area, "Oh yes...I was looking for the iron". This is seriously how scattered my brain can be. I will go into a room and have forgotten why I went there. :) I write everything down in my phone and in a note book and then I'm fine.

måndag 27 maj 2013

Black Monday

Some Mondays just start with a boom! This one did. Been a hectic day with in and out of meetings, traffic, more meetings, then some more traffic. This evening will consist of Boot camp and then an intake of protein. Im trying to get into training mood and boot camp is really my kind of exercise. A good friend of mine is doing the Though Mudder race so we are training for that together, but Im most likely not doing the race. Need more time. If you don't know what it is, http://toughmudder.com

Yummy start of the week

I have recently discovered the most amazing recipe for pancakes. I still want to keep it somewhat healthy and when A asked for a pancake I started my quest for a good one.

Im currently avoiding flour and sugar and Im then limited quite a lot with the ingredients.

Anyway, started looking around and found a really good recipe for pancakes made of bananas, and it is so simple you cant fail!

1 banana (or as in my case, the Nigerian banana is very small and sweet so I took 3).
2 Eggs
1 hand full of chopped peanuts

Mash the bananas in a bowl and mix with the eggs, add half of the peanuts. Fry in a pan with butter. This mix lasts for 2 pancakes. When done, garnish with fresh fruit, (this case Mango) and chopped peanuts.

Super yummy and healthy!

What do you think, Banan-prinsessan?

måndag 20 maj 2013

Its time for Mona to go back home

We say Bon voyage with a Chocolate/Daim cake with butter cream. I really like baking, a bit sad that I once again have to fight all the battles with my gas oven. Baking is so much easier with an electrical oven. I feel though as I have gotten the hang of things. There is a lot of improvisation going on and 90% turn out eatable. Decorated with dried apricots and Daim. Now, time to dig in!

fredag 17 maj 2013

Sunset of the week and dress of the week

After watching a stunning sunset from my office window I took my favorite dress and went out for dinner. This will be the dress of the week post. It is a fitted dress from DVF with a small sleeve. It is a classic, good model, great material, amazing quality and it comes in 5 colors, (where off 3-4 lives in my closet). Great for work and after work. Foremost it is extremely comfortable! 2 thumbs up or as in this case, 2 arms behind your back!

onsdag 15 maj 2013

Happy New Year!

Today is our 9th wedding anniversary. Happy new year to us!

onsdag 8 maj 2013

Potpourri from the US

Here comes a little potpourri of pictures from our travels. It has been an amazing 10 days and I can't believe how much we managed to do and see!
The coast was really something else and my favorite was Big Sur and its rugged look. Very romantic.

Apples covered in all sorts of yummy stuff!

Coffee in the sun

San Francisco China town

Santa Barbara Court house

Golden Gate

San Francisco

We stopped over in a small place called Cambria, the wind was really strong and we went for a walk in the evening before the sun set.
Every room had ocean view and a fire place.

Big Sur

Solvang, the Danish capital of the US. The streets where called "Copenhagen" street etc. 

Balcony in Santa Barbara

måndag 6 maj 2013

Wedding bliss

We had the opportunity to take part in a very special celebration, a wedding between two of our closest friends. 
When living abroad you sometimes miss these kinds of events so we were very happy to be able to take part of this both A and me. It was a beautiful affair 3h outside London by the ocean and a small lake. Boats where available for a moonlight tour for those who wanted.

The Bride and Me, Happy days!

First dance as husband and wife
First drive as husband and wife 

The wedding was set in a village called Thorpness 

Hanneke, me and Ebi, friends from Nigeria

fredag 3 maj 2013

Old friends, new places and the start of the trip

Old friends in new places, met up with a friend from Nigeria and had breakfast in Newport Beach
Wind power in a valley outside Palm Springs, extremely windy!

The hotel we stayed at had their own lip balm, tooth paste and body lotion


Very small hotel with a personal touch on all the common areas. We only stayed one night at this hotel but I wouldn't have minded staying a couple more nights. There is a micro climate in Palm Springs so it is usually a couple of degrees warmer than by the coast.

Morrocan themed rooms

Pool in the evening

torsdag 2 maj 2013

Along the coast and San Francisco

So the driver up the coast was absolutely amazing, extremely beautiful and we stopped many times along the way to just take in the view. It was super foggy when we set off but it disappeared as the day proceeded. When we reached San Francisco we took one of these "hop on-Hop off" busses. You get a good view of the city and can easily orientate your self after one of these drives. Anyway, some pictures below...

Steep slopes and residential area in San Francisco

Foggy morning


Checking into the hotel we got freshly made chocolate chip cookies (still warm from the oven) and Starbucks coffee, and an apple that I polished off quite quickly... :)

Dress from Marlene Birger and Kotyr.se

Antipasto Pick nick watching the sunset on the balcony

We made a friend thanks to the lovely pick nick

Tickle Pink Inn, our balcony overlooking the ocean

Big city, close to the ocean, good mix


Down town San Francisco.