tisdag 30 april 2013

Big Sur

Big Sur area along the coast of California and Highway 1 is an area with rugged, beautiful nature that takes you by storm. We stopped the car several times to check out the view, enough about that. 

It has been a stunning day so we decided to go for a hike in the Big Sur area. There are plenty of state managed parks to walk in. Many different levels to follow. We took a medium hike of 8km. It was a quite hectic walk but the nature was magnificent. 

My outfit was an "all pink" one, well, I would easily be found if I got lost...

Also pink... 
The reward after the first half of the hike. Breathtaking in real life.
Mid day lunch break after the hike at Ventana Inn, the perfect treat 
This one, yummy!

måndag 29 april 2013


Today we had lunch at a very charming place, a friend of mine mentioned it and their specialty is locally sourced crabs.
They give you a set of tools and a bib when you enter and serve the food straight on the table. 

Let me clarify, ON the table. And they also give you crayons while you wait for your food to create something on the paper table cloth. A drew an amazing car that he was very proud off and a bit sad when they served the food on it...

Dinner tools

söndag 28 april 2013

St Ynez

We went for a 30 minute drive out of Santa Barbara to St Ynez, this is the wine district of the central coast.
Its a small valley with around a 100 wineries and ranches in total. Many set in a very scenic location. 
We went for a tasting at Rusack Winery, a small family winery with a focus on Zinfandel.
The scenery was very pretty and we had some goat cheese at their terrace over looking the ranks and property.

fredag 26 april 2013

My clutches

Now good people you can buy some really nice clutches at Kotyr.se from "My Clutches".
Hand made in Nigeria. Go in and have your pick, more models and styles are coming soon.

torsdag 25 april 2013

Palm Springs

Hi everyone,

We have arrived to Palm Springs, a desert town outside Los Angeles. This is where we are starting our road trip.
This is a lovely little town with a strong heritage from the 50s. Quite unique architecure nestled inside a valley, you are surrounded by mountains on all sides. Usually the temperature is a couple of degrees warmer here than in LA, which is funny since it is only 1,5h drive.

tisdag 23 april 2013

Sunny Tuesday

If Sunday was the first day of spring in London, this is for sure the second day. It has been up to 20 degrees today and the parks has been overflowing with pale, happy people getting the first ray of sunshine on their face for this year. I had lunch with another sunshine, my sister in law, Jozie, we met up in Mayfair for a soup/salad lunch in the sun as well. 
My brother and his wife lives in London since a couple of years and it is almost every time we both travel home we will miss each other, usually by a day or two. So it was nice to catch up again. 

måndag 22 april 2013

Camilla is getting married

This past weekend we had a bachlorette party in Stockholm for her. We did all sorts of exciting stuff but I figured Ill let a few pictures what we were up to speak for themselves. It was the first, real spring day in Stockholm and the weather was perfect, sunny and clear blue skies all day. Here are a few pictures to start with...
Sail away! 

The speed boat, max speed of 55 knots 
Camilla, Mickis and me after our flight

Clear blue skies 
Camilla and me


Flying into Stockholm, Old town is just in front
Lottie <3 td="">

Lunch! Well deserved! 

Sauna boat, the water is still very very very cold though

Dress of the week

I wear a lot of dresses, for me it is the perfect piece of clothing. Working in the corporate sector my clothes becomes a way for me to express my creativity. I have decided to add a part to the blog called "Dress of the week" where I tell you about a specific of my dresses and how/why/when I got it and the story around it.

This dress became a favorite from the very beginning. I have been looking for a leather dress for a couple of years (not actively but keeping my eyes open), I've been looking for the kind of dress that becomes a classic and that you can pass down to your daughter further down the years. I found this dress unexpectedly at a market in Joburg called Oriental Plaza, they sell spices and oriental stuff. I walked past it on my way to a samosa shop with a friend and saw it hanging in a window. I walked in and asked about the dress, it was the only one they had and the size happened to be my size. I tried it on and it fitted perfectly! Usually these dresses can be quite pricey so that is also I haven't been able to find one that fitted me perfectly yet. For this dress he wanted 60 usd, I managed to get it down to 30 usd, which i think is a really good price! Perfect dress, perfect price.

I used the dress one or two times and then it disappeared. I looked everywhere in South Africa, Nigeria and Sweden. I couldn't find it anywhere. 2-3 family members where also involved in the searching for this dress. I secretly blamed my older sister (which I share the size with) for the disappearance :) I have inactively searched for it for probably 1-2 years. Then around 2 months ago my mum found the dress in the attic at their place! She sent it down to me in Africa with someone traveling down and it is now with me again. It is a lbd in leather of no particular brand with a lovely design. it is fitted with pockets on the side to add a more relaxed feel to it.

We are in...

We rented bikes for 2 pounds for 24h and biked around London, it was a beautiful day
We had the opportunity to spend 2-3 days in London together, the bike ride was a high for the weekend and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to get around London quick and convenient. I can imagine it is not ideal for a rainy day though...

We had a falafel picnic in the sun

Canary Wharf
 Went to Canary Wharf with the subway to visit a friend, it is nice on the water.
Masechaba, a friend from SA that I havent seen in a couple of years, so nice to catch up over a burger

Portobello Road, the tourist road of all tourist roads

tisdag 16 april 2013

Ankara fabric

Lookie, lookie at my trousers made out of Ankara Fabric. I bought it locally (surprise!) and made these wide/straight loose fitting pants. I also have a matching top to them but it becomes a bit too wild for me to wear. I like it though. The pants are made out of very light cotton, perfect for this climate.

Btw, yesterday I went for a walk with my friend after work and we found a new boot camp place, Im telling you, this was the real thing! The other boot camp is good but this was hard core. I will show you pictures when I attend next time.

söndag 14 april 2013

Weekend time

This weekend has carried 2 functions that will be treasured for long. My dear friend Natalie is getting married and we threw her a small hen party to celebrate this fact. Good friends, Good food, Good fun!

I also attended a Chinese breakfast at a restaurant in Lagos called Pear Garden. Jane was there so she placed the order, basically "Breakfast for 4" and the table was filled up with delicatessen such as dumplings, samosas, tofu, chicken feet and fish soup.

This afternoon has been spent on work and preparation for a project that is coming up. The time just flies by and I cant believe it is April already!



Beautiful Natalie in action laughing her way through cutting the cake, balloon and peanut butter cupcakes with creme cheese frosting

Super simple and yummy marshmallows dipped in chocolate and rolled in sprinkles

lördag 13 april 2013

No pain, No gain

Hey Boys and Girls,

Quite recently I have joined a group of people doing "Boot camp" a couple of times a weeks.
Im trying for 3-4 times a week. It is refreshing and a lot of fun! This is a type of exercise that really fits me!

Running, jumping, push-ups, sit-ups, exercise with your full body using tires, other people and whatever we can find around.
This mornings class resulted in blisters in both hands. Im always really exhausted after class. The first time my legs were shaking after and I struggled to walk up my 3 stairs to my flat! It is getting better though. Feeling that I'm improving for every time.

The classes during the week is between 7-8 in the morning ,fits me perfectly, not to hot outside yet and you are kind of done for the day.
Todays class started at 10, because its Saturday, this results in an involuntary tan as well because of the sun. 

If you are in Lagos, come try the No Pain, No Gain classes!

torsdag 11 april 2013

In Sickness and in Health

Ok, Im Swedish, living on my 7-8th year in Africa. For 4 of these years I have spent most of my time in a tropical climate.It has its ups and downs. The obvious up being the warm climate, the greenery etc, on the other hand there are also plenty of bugs that like this kind of climate.
I thought I would tell you today a bit about the things that you can get here that are not so exciting…
First of all I have had malaria I think 6 times these past years, that I don't even count as critical anymore. The first time was horrible and it is a close to death experience, for each time my body has become more tolerant and I have also learnt how to discover the symptoms early. Off to the hospital for a blood check as soon as I feel the symptoms coming. The last time I had malaria was around 1 month ago, see could you tell? Business as usual these days.

Two of my top (bottom) experiences here when it comes to sicknesses are the following.
I got a spider bite on my back, it got swollen to almost the size of half a tennis ball (yes, I'm probably exaggeration small…). That was one of the worst weeks of my life, the doctors wanted me to go home and "see if it got better by itself" I refused and in the end they made a cut in the wound to get the pus and eggs out. This was traumatizing, knowing you have something on your back, under your skin and you can't get it out. Nothing had hatched yet at least… Brrrr, I have a small scare to remind me of this adventure. (bug spray, bug spray, bug spray).

I was also very sick in December, I got around +41 degree fever and just wanted to sleep. My friend found me and said "Lets go to the hospital". My friend is Chinese so she naturally took me to the Chinese hospital in Lagos. I couldn't understand a word of what they were saying and fell asleep in a bed there. When I woke up I was connected to drip, and the high fewer had made me confused so I momentarily had forgotten where I was. I look around, there is a Chinese woman looking at me, I'm connected to drip, Chinese newspaper on the table and Chinese posters on the wall. "Where am I? Im I sick? Why I'm I connected to drip? What am I doing in China? Is it for work? It must be for work?"  You can imagine, it was quite a scary 30 seconds. It turned out to be some kind of infection and I was as good as new in a couple of days. (The Chinese knows what they are doing!) But at the worst of this it was one of those moments when I thought I should start calling to say my good byes, (yes I know, very dramatic).
My conclusion for this is that I rather get treated for the tropical deceases in a country where they are used to handle them.

tisdag 9 april 2013

And here comes the rain...

And I think this could have been the official start on the rainy season, I woke up just after 5am to hear that it was raining (it i still dark out). Rainy season lasts from more or less April-August, it doesn't rain every day but there are days when the sky is open and it can rain for a 1-2 weeks straight. 

You have seen the pictures before from previous rainy seasons so you know what it does to the roads... It is like when the first snow falls in Sweden, people are always very surprised and traffic stops totally. Same thing here. If it is raining in the morning, be prepared that people will be 3-4h delayed.

10 minutes before the rain starts

This kind of weather makes it perfect to light a few candles, usually it is too hot to do that
My picture shelf, from left to right, Fela, Stockholm, Owl, Grand parents wedding picture and last but not least, hubby and me

måndag 8 april 2013

Thai Chicken for dinner!

Coconut, red chili paste, peppers, onion, mushrooms and some hummus on the top. Easy and yummy!

Sometimes it is hard to find good ingredients here in Lagos. One might have to visit 2-3 shops to get what you are looking for. I usually buy veggies at one place, meat in one place and the rest at a third place. Takes a bit of planning a head. I prefer to go to the store maximum 1 time a week, to avoid traffic