fredag 15 mars 2013

Good morning Friday!

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onsdag 13 mars 2013

Juice it!

One of the biggest perks when spending time in a tropical climate is all the fruits and veggies you can get your hands on for a cheap penny. Mango, Papaya, Pineapple, Oranges, Cucumbers etc. All locally grown. They might not be as pretty on the outside as some of the genetically manufactured fruits but the taste on the inside is way way better! They wont last too long in your fridge but Im guessing there is no risk of having yummy tasting fruits and veggies in your fride growing old anyway.
Of this collection of greens I made a mango/cucumber jucie with mint and lime. Turned out really nice. Give it a shot!

måndag 11 mars 2013


A couple of months ago I bought fabric (here) in South Africa to make some piece of furniture. It is now finally ready and it turned out very nice.
I made some chocolate cheesecake cupcakes for my guests as a house warming for my couches. 

fredag 8 mars 2013

Time flies

Hi everyone,
It has been a hectic past 2 weeks for me and the blog is unfortunately the first thing to suffer when my time is short.
This past Sunday I went to the beach in the afternoon for some relaxing and eating and swimming. I’m always keen to go to the beach.
Andre, my first friend in Nigeria, brought a hammock along for people to be able to be relaxing horizontal under the palm trees.
The beaches off the coast of Lagos are quite rough and I’m not a good enough swimmer to master the waves, but I’m a good enough cheese eater so I mastered the cheese eating part instead.
Also managed to squeeze in a visit to the Lagos Polo Tournament 2013. Horse polo is quite a big thing in Nigeria. Ericsson had to my surprise their own team on the field playing “Ericsson Lagos”, own shirts and everything.
They won the game I watched but I’m not sure how they placed in the tournament.
Down town Lagos Island

Mathiue and Nat


Andre and Nat

Bread and cheese, the perfect couple

Ebi and Andre

Mona and me

Team Ericsson