onsdag 27 februari 2013

Keeping warm

Top from my seamstress that I didnt show you. Here worn with matching fur.

fredag 22 februari 2013

Friday Delights

Afternoon snack with coffee and Turkish Delight bought in Istanbul

onsdag 20 februari 2013

China town

 Was in Chinatown the other day and made a stop for lunch.

måndag 18 februari 2013


Hotel breakfast, anything like it?

As I know many bloggers state from time to time is that what you see on the blog is not real life.

It is mere 5-10% of what is really going on. This is also why I think people like blogs, you can create your own reality, both as a blogger and a reader.

My life is not just travel, food and dresses, its filled with plenty of normal stuff such as mainly work, late nights, grey days, sunny days etc. I stand in queue at the supermarket, I iron, I clean my house, I sit in traffic (a lot!!), I attend meetings, I work in excel, I cook, I miss people etc, as you can see, in general very “normal” stuff. 

On the other side, I’m very fortunate, my job has taken me abroad and I get to experience things that I would almost not dare to dream of before. This is just a documentation of the more extravagant side of my life. Of course I frame it so you all will like it more. So, having said that. Here comes a potpourri of pictures from my latest travels to Morocco.
I really love discovering new cultures and when I get the opportunity to do so I enjoy to invite you to come with me through the lens of my camera.

onsdag 13 februari 2013

The Green

The finsihed result of the green dress. I really like the color.

Make-up products from Oriflame Cosmetics

lördag 9 februari 2013

Im in...

I’m in the land of Macaroons and the city of coffee shops. Only for a brief visit but a very nice tasting one. To my surprise, and almost everyone elses as well it was snowing this morning and the ground is covered in a white blanket. I actually haven’t seen snow in some time. Around 1,5 years or something like that. I have now stuffed my face with delicious coffees and carbs!


The land mark of all land marks
I would also like to wish a happy new year to all my Chineese friends and readers around the world!

torsdag 7 februari 2013

A dress

As many of you might know, I have a seamstress here in Nigeria that I make good use of. To make a dress the cost is around 20 usd. I bring the fabric though. She has been making clothes for me for the past 3 years and we have gotten to know eachother to the extent that she knows my style and what Im after in that sense when I describe something.

I like clothes and to look at beautiful things, can be anything from a shape or a color or a fabric. When I was younger I did a lot of beading, earings, necklaces, etc. I also had a small workshop one summer at "Fryshuset" in Stockholm where kids that were on school holiday could come and do beads with me. I work in the business sector so for me this is a way of getting some creativity out and to relax. I usually need the pieces I make for a specific occasion. As the one in the picture Im suppose to wear at an event this weekend, if it gets finished in time that is. Feathers and Thai silk. I ll show you the finished result if you want?

Ellen and Me

When travelling and living abroad I sometimes of course miss my family. I have one sister, Ellen, we are in touch almost every week I would say. You can be close even if you are far away. I have an amazing family that means the world to me. I get great support and enxuragement from them all the time. I feel that they are closer than they actually are. I have always looked up to my sister alot and always wanted to be like her growing up. (She had long beautiful blond hair and brown eyes and I have dark/grey/blondish hair and blue eyes so it didnt really work out for me :) ) I also have 3 older brothers and a couple of nieces and nephews. An extremely strong and cool grand mother that at the age of 90+ calls me on Skype to discuss current events.

Ellen and me together with our beloved grandfather sometime in the 90s I would guess. Every year our family woud go crawfish fishing. Light a fire, collect the crawfish and grill hotdogs and drink hot chocolate by the fire. Nice memories.

Im travelling tomorrow, Ill report from the destination. See you!

tisdag 5 februari 2013

Dining room

I have the following collection of items on my dining room table. It’s some Swedish candy, a South African bird made out of metal and a salad dressing container and a bowl with bananas. Don’t you like my carpet btw? I really like carpets, it gives such a nice warmth to a room (not that I really need more warmth in Nigeria…)

måndag 4 februari 2013


This weekend I had the opportunity to visit one of my favourite places in Europe, Istanbul. I was there for work and met up with two of my best friends for some celebration of what is to come.
It is a such a stunning city with good food and shopping. The weather was nice, +15 degrees during Saturday day, we even sat outside for breakfast!