onsdag 30 januari 2013

Wedding opportunity!

On my way to the office yesterday I saw this quite funny sign. Wedding photo offering free gown and make-up! Very convenient! Any of you girls getting married this year, let me know and Ill arrange an appointment!

And then a very tired me in my new necklace and an old Nigerian skirt.

tisdag 29 januari 2013

Market find

From the local market in Nairobi. Ill show you the full necklace on in a couple of days. Have a nice day!

söndag 27 januari 2013


Went for dinner yesterday with Carol, a dear friend. We use to work together once upon a time. And it was really nice to catch up. In the picture above Carol is eating a grilled pineapple with cinnamon. I will try to make that at home, or perhaps a pineapple pie with cinnamon?
We went for dinner at a brazilian restaurant, Fogo Gaucho. Meat, meat, meat! Very nice!
Today has been spent preparing for the week and some excersie. Also had a nice break by the pool for lunch.

lördag 26 januari 2013


Saturday! Spent half the day working but decided to treat myself to a massage this afternoon. It was absolutely great and I feel very relaxed.
The hotel im staying at have the most amazing breakfast buffe, I guess most hotels have nice buffes but anyway. Plenty of freshly cut fruits and also some really nice carbs in the shape of mini-doughnuts. Its a stunning day outside. Time for some exercise.

fredag 25 januari 2013

Some pictures from my phone

1, Crawfish party. 2, New nails. 3, Party. 4, Husband and me. 5,Working from my car (which has been my office 80% of the time this past few months). 6, Mauritius. 7, I fell sick and went to a Chineese hospital in a suburb to Lagos, good stuff. 8, Sushi!. 9, Croco-snake clutch. 10, Stockholm. 11, Home made cinnamon buns. 12, Roof terrace in South Africa

1, Working from bed. 2, Shopping fabrics with Natalie. 3, A forgot his regular glasses for dinner and only had prescription sunglasses. 4, Capetown. 5, Stones in Nigeria. 6, New shades of lipstick. 7, Suya, grilled beef with chili in Nigeria. 8, Palm trees Nigeria. 9, I found Swedish Matches at the local supermarket in Lagos.


Hi everyone!
Im in Nairobi for work. This is a really nice big African city. The traffic is a bit hectic, almost as hectic as in Lagos but otherwise Nairobi has good infrastructure. Ive been here a couple of times before and I must say I like it more and more for each visit. Maybe its the fact that Im starting to know my way around?
Im not sure about the population of Nairobi but im guessing around 6 milion perhaps. There is plenty of parks and the tourism industry is huge here. Safaris being top of the list.

My friend Hanneke from Lagos and another friend called Millicent from Nairobi

I like thos floor at the hotel Im staying.

söndag 20 januari 2013

Jumping for the new week!

Its been a good weekend overall, worked most of it but from home. Looking forward to an exciting new week. Adila and Jane helps me jump in the new week!

torsdag 17 januari 2013

Jane and me

Had a productive morning and celebrated with lunch (at around 2?) with my friend Jane.
Before I moved to Lagos i was (still am) very dependant on my blood sugar levels. I think I can handle them a bit better these days but before I would faint if I didnt have food at 12.00.

onsdag 16 januari 2013

Red beads


I have a new necklace that seems to be following me everywhere. Made from tiny beads.
Also, sorry for all the pictures of me, me, me. That is basically what has been going on lately. Not so much to write about at the moment. Hope you can bare with me?

onsdag 9 januari 2013

New year, new hair

 Went darker, probably closer to my natural color. Its a beautiful day here in Joburg, sunny.

tisdag 8 januari 2013

New year, New adventures!

I'm very excited about 2013! I'm looking forward to the challenges it has in store and I can't wait to get started!

The main new adventure in my life comes in the shape of a new job and it is with great expectations I'm starting this.

Some other exciting stuff this year is no less than 6 wedding! First ones to tie the knot is Julia and John this January! I'm sad that I can't be there for their big day but lots of love and blessings goes out to them.

First months of the year will involve a lot of travelling, ill try to report from the destinations as usual.

Happy new year!
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fredag 4 januari 2013

Christmas break

Hi everyone! I have had a proper Christmas break! Good food, good friends and beautiful nature. As it should be. Hope your Christmas was as good as mine. 

Christmas day with good friends and good food! Rupa is preparing the cutlery.
Ifi and me
We went to Umtentweni by the coast of Durban. We hiked in the amazing nature there, beautiful gorges and clear blue skies as long as you can see.

We went for a ocean beach hike, we took two cars and parked one by a landmark close to the beach and then we continued with the car about 14 km and would then walk back to the other car. When we reach the other car after 2,5h walk we realized we have forgotten the key to the car in the other car... 

Coffee plantation called beaver creek coffee, we went there for coffee after one of the hikes

Delicious dinners with our friend Colin on his balcony overlooking the ocean, he also showed us the area. Perfect guide and host!

We went to a place called Lake Eland game reserve just outside Port Shepstone where they had this suspension bridge to cross over to a viewing point.
Giraffes and then again the suspension bridge...

Magical sunset


Yellow water melon, very sweet and juicy
I cooked chicken curry for the first time from scratch, I bought the spices in the Durban area. Durban is Indias largest city outside India if you count population, so plenty of good food!