torsdag 30 augusti 2012


Var på galej i klänning från Kotyr. Kotyr drivs av två fantastiska tjejer som startade företaget med passionen att promota och framhäva Svensk och Skandinavisk design. Vi har så otroligt många fantastiska designers att vara stolta över. 

söndag 26 augusti 2012


Happy Sunday everyone! I have finally gotten around to trying the "hair-bun". I really like it.
Todays outfit is a Nigerian designer called Natees and old levis jeans. First some school work and then brunch.

måndag 13 augusti 2012

Cinnamon buns

Today’s Sunday dinner ended up being Salmon and veggies. As desert I made cinnamon rolls.
I got assistance from a friend win the baking process and yes, they turned out as yummy as they look.

Hotel pictures

fredag 10 augusti 2012

Port Louis

Today we went down to Port Lois, the capital of Mauritius. I walked around for an hour or two while waiting for A to finish a meeting.
It is very influenced of Indian culture and you can everywhere buy Indian snacks and food and also the main religion in Mauritius is Hinduism.
Port Louis have a population around 150,000 people. 

My favorite fruit, pineapple

Indian influences are strong through out the culture 

Hinduism temple

Mountains on the road to Port Louis

Port Louis traffic

Driving through endless fields of sugar canes

torsdag 9 augusti 2012

Ice cream time

Again, I don't mean to rub it in but this place is absolutely amazing! I don't know what to say.
The days are filled with surf, sand and salty waters. Today water-skiing went really good so I rewarded myself with a home-made (not by me) mango sorbet and nougat ice cream. It was a bit cloudy in the early morning so we walked for 2h trough a village close by and across some sugar plantations, which is one of the main agricultural product. It is really a tropical climate here even though it is winter.

onsdag 8 augusti 2012


After a fun-filled day with sailing, surfing and water-skiing I'm physically exhausted and sitting on the balcony reading some school-work and listening to the ocean. I could have a worse view than this. Mauritius is still amazing and the hotel is fantastic! I will give you some more pics later. 

söndag 5 augusti 2012

Fresh fruits!

Another day at this amazing place. Some sun, some clouds, some rain, some snorkeling, some freshly squeezed juice. For me, that is perfect.

lördag 4 augusti 2012

Island luxury

 We have not had 1 single day of holiday so far this year so when we got the opportunity to get a week off, we excitedly decided to pop over to a close by island.
3,45h from Johannesburg is the fantastic island of Mauritius. We are here one week for a change of scenery. Even if both of us will have to do some work, neither of us mind at all in a setting like this! The hotel has high speed internet which is a big, big plus (and must) for us. The hotel so far has been absolutely amazing, at check-in we were greeted by a woman all dressed in white who led us through a garden lit by candles and chandeliers. While waiting for our check-in to be sorted we were given a relaxing shoulder massage and a welcome juice in the lobby, I wouldn't have minded waiting for a couple of more minutes... We have just finished a divine dinner overlooking the ocean. This is over all expectations so far.

fredag 3 augusti 2012


Took a break from my books tonight and baked a Swedish cookie called “Kringlor”, I’m not sure what it is called in English.
It’s a very simple, but very delicious cookie, especially when it is fresh from the oven and enjoyed with a glass of cold milk. My friend Wilhelm brought me the pearl sugar from Sweden earlier this week.

torsdag 2 augusti 2012

Olympic dinner

Yesterday we got the opportunity to participate in a dinner with chefs from the Olympic team of South Africa. We were treated to 9 delicious courses of taste explosions. To mention a few, we started with Foie gras then moved on to tomato and coconut soup, prawn and ricotta pasta parcels and ostrich with sweet potato. There was also a three cheese spring roll with rhubarb marmalade and for desert a dark chocolate tart with hazelnut ice-cream and coffee foam. Everything was amazing!