fredag 29 juni 2012

I know, I know, this isn’t a food blog… But it is so tempting to post about food.
Yesterday I made a lentil soup, this was my first time, I’ve never done it before.
I put the lentils in a bowl of water to soak while I was cutting some of the other veggies.
Fry the onions and some mushrooms in the pan to give them a nice flavor.
Boil the lentils, add one can of crushed tomatoes, one Indian spice can, 
you know those that comes in a glass jar?
Anyway, in with it! Put anything in spice-way that you like for the flavor. Boil until the lentils are soft.
Serve with some yoghurt and mushrooms and onions on the top. Voila!

I come from a family of 7 so Im used to cooking for larges quantities, lunchbox for 6 days, each box feeds 2... Perfect to put in the freezer and heat up on a rainy day!
I decided to cut my hair last week. It is amazing how quickly it dries, before I used to take 25 minutes to blow dry my hair, not its more like 10, if even! Fantastic.

tisdag 26 juni 2012


Buy fresh artichokes in your local market or local grocery store.
Put them in a large pot of water together with some freshly squeezed lemon juice, one clove of garlic and some bay leaves, this will enhance the flavor.
Boil them for 30-45 minutes depending on the size, the leaves should easily come off from the body.

Cut them in halves and serve with some soft butter, lemon and salt.

It is also nice to have them with the Lebanese dip toum, toum is a very addictive garlic dip.
I have tried making toum 2-3 times at home but never succeeded, I might make another try this weekend.

måndag 25 juni 2012


This weekend was spent in the books but I took a break on Saturday to go buy plants to the garden.
Wouldnt it be fun to have a goose in the garden?

fredag 22 juni 2012


Happy Midsummer everyone, now we are going towards lighter times, at least in this part of the world...

onsdag 20 juni 2012

Summer times!

I like animal prints, always have, always will. If I go shopping (which is close to never…) my eyes will automatically be drawn to the printed dresses.
I have here chosen to wear a leopard dress with a leopard scarf. Heels and jacket for work. This week is midsummer week in Sweden and the lightest night of the year will fall on Friday.(then it gets darker again).
Speaking of Midsummer, here are some pictures from previous years summers in Sweden. If I miss Sweden it is definitely during this time a year.

Mari-Linn and me last summer, worked up quite a tan, compered to the picture next to it with Julia from the year before where I was staying more in the shade I would say...

I miss my niece, Caroline, aslo known as Svinto

tisdag 19 juni 2012

La Mienne!

My extremely creative sister in law, Sara, has together with a partner started the company called LaMienne, they sell beautiful, comfortable luxurious towels.
Check out their webpage for the perfect midsummer gift for your loved ones!

Getting in order

We are getting closer to having a finished house.
Couch and frame is up in what is called the "pajama-lounge" (I guess coz this is where you hang out in your pajama?). Door is in, some adjustments still to be made…as you can see.
The couch are from Weylandts, it’s one of my favorite furniture stores here. The art on the wall is a framed shawl that I thought would fit well with the couch.
I was never really a leather-couch-girl but this one I really like. I think it will look nice when it getting some years behind the ears. I’ll show you a finished picture of this area in a couple of weeks.

We have also now got the balustrades up for the roof terrace, still some work to do, but one step closer.

When you look at that picture you will see a typical crisp winter day. Isn't it amazing that the winter days are blue like this? 

måndag 18 juni 2012

Baby shower

 Went to a baby shower this Saturday for beautiful Maria. This is the first time Maria will become a mother and am sure she will be a great/cool mom!
Good Luck Maria!

We got together with a group of girls to surprise Maria and to celebrate the coming times. 

As I am born in the 80s im very fascinated by sunsets. The colors here are just so amazing. This is on our street home in Johannesburg. 

torsdag 14 juni 2012


I found this necklace in a shop and really liked the colors and the ethnic feeling of it.
It’s made out of fabric and small metal rings put together. 

tisdag 12 juni 2012

Time for accounting

After work, the majority of my evenings are spent to make myself smarter, or maybe I should say more well read?
I’m undertaking some studies. I haven’t told you much about it since there isn’t much to be said.
I’m putting my brain to use in the magnificent world of accounting, among other things. I really enjoyed accounting in UNI, it was my best subject, which is quite surprising since math hasn’t been a strong subject of mine earlier. I shouldn’t say accounting is math, but there are very clear mathematical uses in accounting that I thought would inhibit my understanding.
Speaking of well read, there is a Seinfeld episode where Elaine and George are discussing Elaine’s boyfriend Neil, if he is a communist or not. George asks and she says “nooo, I think he is just very well read” George replies “or he is just very well, red”. You probably had to see it to enjoy it. I really like when people play with words. Anyway, back to the books!

måndag 11 juni 2012

Weekend again...

Hi everyone, it’s been a weekend in the theme of food.
Saturday evening with oven baked salmon and roasted veggies. Sunday I made a real classic, Tacos and hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows for dessert.
It has been minus degrees here this weekend and I have consumed a high amount of tea cups. I have since a couple of weeks started to drink peppermint tea daily.
I’m usually a real coffee drinker and drinks probably 5 cups a day. I’m trying to cut down a bit and exchange some of the cups for tea instead. 

The guestroom is now ready for visitors. So if you have the ways through Johannesburg, common by!
Cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream is included in the stay.

Also for the first time wore a winter jacket in Joburg. 
I have framed a new poster, this is probably the closest I get to a pet, a blue cat.

fredag 8 juni 2012

Hole in the wall

We now have a hole in the wall. Ill show you in a week or two where this will end.
Im thinking maybe I should show you what it looks like in our house. Want to see?

tisdag 5 juni 2012


Roxette played in Johannesburg this weekend, first time in 17 years! The auditorium was full with 14,000 people. Many of the fans knew songs that I have never heard. It was nice to get a Swedish touch. Speaking of Swedish touch, it is today 7 degrees in Joburg! 


måndag 4 juni 2012


  I bought some stones in Nigeria a couple of weeks back. I wanted something that came from Nigeria that I can carry with me.