tisdag 29 maj 2012


Public holiday in Nigeria but I’m currently in South Africa. This weekend had a mix of outdoor activities such as beer-and-craft-festival and also a concert with the artist Zahara in a park 45 min outside Johannesburg.
At the festival the queues where ridicules and I queued for 45 minutes just to discover I had been standing in the beer queue and not the hot-dog queue… 

Hot-dog que

söndag 20 maj 2012

Salmon in the sun

Its been a beautiful summer day today in Stockholm, 25-26 degrees and sunny skies. I met up with a dear friend of mine, Anna-Sara for salmon and ice cream in the sun.

 I also went to clean out some of my boxes stored at my parents and I among other things found my prom dress from 10 years ago a week from now! I bought it at a thrift shop, it is from the 1940s and I'm hoping for an occasion to wear it soon again. I need to leave it for restoration at a shop though, some of the seems needs looking after and some of the sequins are coming off. Its such a classic dress.

Saturday activities

Signs of summer... Birds nest at the country house. The birds came back to their nest just after our discovery. 

 Saying hi to my niece, Caroline, she was not keen to be in the picture, more keen to spend time drawing....

Swedish strawberries.

torsdag 17 maj 2012

Walk the line

 Went to my parents country house this afternoon. Its 1h outside Stockholm and just quiet.

Spent an hour or two infront of the fire place

 My brother decided to put up a rope so we could walk the line. It was extremely hard and I didn't make one step without the support of my dad!

Sunset from the terrace. Its amazingly tranquil here and the only thing you hear are 
birds and the sound from the fire place. The sunset was at around 9.45!

Fine friends

These girls means the world to me. We have been friends since +12 years now and I'm sure we will be friends for 112 more!
The amounts of laughter and joy we have shared together is just amazing. I’m really blessed with fantastic friends.
We celebrated Julia’s birthday this week. It’s always such a blast seeing all the girls again!
The picture is borrowed from amazing http://kotyr.wordpress.com/

onsdag 16 maj 2012

Camera back

I finally got my camera back from the repair shop! It took over 2 months! I have been using my phone for that time.
Very much looking forward to some nice shots to post on the blog. Very excited about this.

In Sweden there is a long weekend this weekend and everyone is hoping for sunny weather. 
The sun doesn't set until 9.30pm at night now. 

lördag 12 maj 2012

Rainy season is upon us

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I went to Lagos biggest open market to buy fabrics, I found some really nice ones in a small shop.
Fabrics is a huge industry here. What you usually do is buy a piece of fabric and make your own clothes.
For example if going to a wedding you will buy one specific fabric if you are friends/family of the groom and a different one if you are friends/family of the bride and then make your own attire.

fredag 11 maj 2012

How are you?

It’s been an incredibly hectic week, lots of fun at work has been going on. I’m in Lagos btw. Yesterday it was 33 degrees at 8 am in the morning.
This weather is just so hot, its humid and hot. My hair will be frizzy within 15 minutes after leaving the house. 2 of my close friends went to Namibia and got me this stunning bracelet, I also got a necklace that I haven’t been able to take a picture of just yet. I’m wearing a native top from the brand Natees.
I had coffee at the Saxon Hotel before travelling to Lagos, they had this really cute multi colored sugar. 

Bracelet from Namibia

Pretty sugar