måndag 30 januari 2012

Saturday fun

I know I have posted a million of these pictures on Hobies from the boat club but I just enjoy sailing so much and like the color scheme of the sails, they work well on pictures...
One part of my Saturday was spent sailing. It was good wind and beautiful weather!
I sailed with a good friend of mine, Andre, on his boat. It’s always great being out on the water! On the picture next to me you see Caroline, she works at the boat club. 

söndag 29 januari 2012

I didn’t know much about the Scottish culture until yesterday. I participated in the Caledonian society in Lagos annual Robert Burns ball yesterday. Burns Supper
Basically there is a celebration of the poet Robert Burns and his work. The celebrations are worldwide and usually held close to his birthday around the 25th of January. Traditional dance, poems and food will be shared. Haggis was served, sheep stomach...

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torsdag 26 januari 2012


This is Jane. I got to know Jane when I moved to Nigeria 2,5 years ago. She loves animals and has 2 dogs, a cat, a parrot and a bunch of chickens.
It’s like a zoo at her place. She is not just an animal lover she is a amazing cook as well! Always something cooking on the stove, chinese hotpot, chicken leg, kimshi, I have eaten so much nice food at her place over the years.
The parrot on the picture is Kobo, he is named after the Nigerian currency, he was a baby and didn’t have any feathers, he was in other words very poor, he didn’t have one kobo. The cat, that is not lacking any fur, is called Lulu and have his own passport. He sleeps most of the time though. Only traveles when he has to.

onsdag 25 januari 2012

Manicure and puppies

Along the roads in Lagos there are guys standing and selling things. You will see everything between toilet supplies to food to puppies. Yesterday I decided I needed a pedicure so I went to Nail Studio, on the way there I saw someone selling a puppy.
During my pedicure I see the guy with the puppy coming into the store. He goes up to a girl that is having her nails done and trying to sell the puppy to her…

There we can talk about pro-active sales.

tisdag 24 januari 2012

On the road

Good morning Lagos, good morning traffic...

söndag 22 januari 2012

When life gives you lemons...

Homemade lemonade and the latest issue of Harpers Bazaar keeps me up.
This week I will have limited internet availability but I’ll try to post with my mobile.

lördag 21 januari 2012

Welcome to the neighbourhoodgoods market in Down Town Joburg. The concept started in Capetown with the market called Old Biscuit mill and have now moved on to Johannesburg. Handmade olive mixes, cupcakes, lemonade, smoothies, organic chocolate, food and cheese (!!!) from local farmers, anything you can imagine is here for you to taste and bring home. On the second floor there is also a variety of local designers of clothes and jewelry for you to browse and buy. I came home with tapenade, homemade crisps, cupcakes and sausages. The location is a run down old parking garage in 2 floors. You can sit outside and eat and but also inside if the weather is questionable... One suggestion, Come Hungry!!

tisdag 17 januari 2012

My first day in school.

 I remember it clearly. This picture is taken just as I am about to walk the 400m to my first day in school.
I was after a couple of weeks quite disappointed due to the fact that I didn’t think we got to learn enough math… That disappointment went away. This is from 1990 and 1991, me beeing 7 years and 8, almost turning 9, in the picture below.
On the other picture is my dear brother Linus, he is 10 years my senior and have always carried the responsibility that comes with being the oldest in a bunch of 5 with pride and focus. I think that many of the times he was fed up with having us hanging after him, especially my older sister would follow him and his friends around. For me he has been an extremely good brother and has always been there when I have needed him. This doesn’t mean I love my brothers and sister unequally, it just means he happen to be in the picture...

söndag 15 januari 2012

My new neighbour

This is Lady, she has moved in next door with her sister Duchess.

fredag 13 januari 2012

Pearl and Roger

 This is Roger and Pearl, they have now been married for 5 days. I got to know Pearl when we worked together many years ago. Pearl and Roger are incredible people and we feel blessed and happy to have them as friends!
We went out for dinner this evening and enjoyed a “Congratulations-to-getting-married-dinner!” 

 We (I) decided to go to one of my favorite places in Joburg, The West Cliff hotel. It’s a beautiful hotel located at the bottom and up towards a hill between Sandton and Johannesburg. The view from there is absolutely amazing! They have an infinity pool that overlooks the Johannesburg Zoo and the city. If in Joburg come here for dinner, afternoon tea or just a glass of juice at their terraces, I’m sure you will enjoy it!
My camera is currently undergoing an investigation why it is not working properly so these pictures where taken with Rogers Canon and also so borrowed from The Westcliff Hotel, a part of the Orient Express Group.

torsdag 12 januari 2012

Chocolate Strawberry

Did I show you my cupcakes I did?


On my way home from the office today I stopped to do some grocery shopping. I tried a new place and ran across this flower store that sold 100 roses for 100 rand, equals 10 usd. I added some sunflowers (my favorite for the record) and greens so the bill ended at 120 rand. Flowers adds something to a house, it becomes a home more. 

tisdag 10 januari 2012

Native wear

Time for 9ija! My sweet friend Funke is involved in these stunning dresses that I got just before christmas. The brand is called Na tees, stands for Native. Cool fabrics and styles in a shop close to you! Want to know more you cant contact me.

söndag 8 januari 2012

Sunday afternoon

Popcorn and sega cars from Sweden makes the perfect Sunday afternoon.

torsdag 5 januari 2012

muchrooms and haricoverts

Dinner with my favourite vegetables. Muchrooms and haricoverts! fry them lightly in a pan with butter and salt until soft. Then, enjoy!

onsdag 4 januari 2012

Happy new Indian!

New years eve was spent at an Indian restaurant with the best of friends. The food was absolutely amazing!
Bukhara, located upstairs with a balcony on church street down town Cape town. Warm recommendations! The food here is the best indian I have ever had, and I have had a lot of Indian food. On a parallel street there was a parade going on for new years eve. Our hotel was located just by the parade crescendo. Lucky, lucky us! It ended at 4.30 am. I’m a quite heavy sleeper since I moved to Lagos, (lots of sounds 24/7, including such as generators and the fact that our flat is located on one of the livelier streets…). I slept right trough it of course but my dear friend Mari-Linn struggled a bit to get a decent night’s sleep.

The motto for 2012 is set, I say as Seal, “We are never going to survive unless we get a little crazy!” Do something you always wanted to do this year!


I have a small jar with keys in my house. For the following I can't find a lock! How is it possible to have this many keys that dosent go anywhere??