måndag 31 oktober 2011

Sunday chilling

Sunday was spent on the beach under a palm tree just enjoying good food, company, coffee and a book. There is something so liberating beeing close to the sea. Sundays here are considered to be "beach-day" and alot of people go to the beach. The closest beach is around 45 minutes outside where we live, there are of course water closer but if you want to take a dip in somewhat clean water and also get a lite nature this is the distance you have to go.

fredag 28 oktober 2011

Naija in my heart!

Naija for me is people, people, people. There is people everywhere you go.
One of the biggest reasons for why I love Nigeria is the people. Warm, friendly and most of the times with a smile.
When crossing third mainland bridge (the longest bridge in Africa!)you see these areas with houses on poles in the water. I’m so fascinated by it and are dying to go there, haven’t really worked out how I’m going to make it a reality yet though.


My sister just asked me what I do if I get stuck in traffic and need to pee. This is a very widely known dilemma. I have become a master of holding it in, and also, you don’t drink a full bottle of water before you head for the airport. Worst case scenario you will have to pee on the side of the road or in a bottle. Never happened to me so far. Many Nigerians are not very shy and they will do it next to the road. Maybe not women though.

torsdag 27 oktober 2011

Weddings around the world

The stunning ladies in the picture is from a wedding a friend of mine attended in SA. She is South African so its not very unusual that she went to a wedding there. Anyway, I met Monique when I first was staying in SA for around 4 years ago, time flies. She gave me a proper introduction to life in SA and all the "must-knows" of life in Sandton (the place we where living). She is the second girl from the left.

onsdag 26 oktober 2011

The hotest topic of the year -Traffic!

Today has been an long day.
Ive been out on the road for an hour or two and saw the most hectic things. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you about the mini-busses we use as taxis here in Nigeria. On the picture below, people are waiting for taxis. Groups of 100 could be standing along the way to wait for a taxibus that are going in their direction. Some people might have to do several changes to get to their end destination.

The taxi-buses are ALL over the place in traffic and there is 99% of the time up to 20-25 people in them and the guy that are charging for the tickets are hanging on the outside. You see his head? Still the driver will be driving 90km/h.
Some fishermen doing their daily job next to the water-community, seen from third mainland bridge.

Below is boys thare are selling stuff in the "go-slow" (traffic).
You can find anything from christmas trees to toilet seats to shoes to candy to anything under the sun.

This is a cooler-bike where you can buy ice-cream

tisdag 25 oktober 2011

Rainy days

I have always been very facinated by rain, I dont mind it at all, I actually like it. Ive been trying to catch the rain on photo but it really doesnt want to stick. It doesnt get captured in the way I want, maybe my camera isnt good enough? Anyway here is a rainy picture from this weekend.
This gives a good opportunity to stay indoors and bake cinnamon rolls and enjoy them with a glass of milk.

söndag 23 oktober 2011

Slow, slow, slow

This weekend has been a really quiet weekend. Yesterday was curfew and when it ended at 4 the sky opened up at it started to come down heavily... typical.
Im still not feeling well and are on penicillin, and are slowly getting back to normal.
Today the sun is all over the place and I'm staying indoors reading a book by the Swedish author Louise Boije af Gennäs, I really appreciate her writing.
Happy Sunday everyone.

fredag 21 oktober 2011


Hey everyone.

Rose, send me an email on hannaeinarsson@gmail.com and we can arrange something.


torsdag 20 oktober 2011


This is Nadia. She is someone that I had the pleasure of getting to know around 4 years ago. She and her husband are like family and to me. We keep contact almost everyday and she is an incredible woman, wife and mother, and ontop of that a fantastic friend!! Today is her birthday!

The things that brought us close was the love of Seinfeld (I watch it almost every day, just an episode or two), the disgust for round brushes when you go to the hair dresser, and many other small things, that together makes a big love. Happy birthday Nadish!

City of contrasts

Lagos is a very different place, different from anywhere I have been before. Its hectic and wild and the atmosphere is just crazy. When I travel back to Sweden, people always ask me "How is it to live in Nigeria?". I never really have a good answer for that. I always answer, "its hectic but I love it". The things I have seen since I got here is absolutely crazy and I don’t think many of you would believe me if I told the stories I have experienced here.
In the blog I usually tell a toned down version, if I even tell it... Lagos has grown close to my heart and if you want to come to visit, please let me know and I’ll take care of you. One should not come to Lagos to visit the beaches or to have a slow holiday. Here you will have a different kind of experience, and I’m sure you have to take a week holiday when you arrive back home in your country again. The impressions you get from spending a week here, will last you a life time.

onsdag 19 oktober 2011


These are my bracelets, the black and green and the silver bangle are from Istanbul. The gold one from India and the white one I think I bought at a flee market in Johannesburg.

tisdag 18 oktober 2011

Hair and make-up

Hair and make-up was done by a good friend of mine, Monika! She also did the brides hair and make up.

måndag 17 oktober 2011

Turkish Delight!

On my way back to Nigeria I had the pleasure to spend time at the Turkish Airways lounge at the Airport. Yes, it was a pleasure. The words to describe this huge lounge is "tranquility and elegance"
Different "sections" of the lounge offered different things, I spent some time in the olive garden listening to live piano music while working using their free wifi, and then I got my own private suite with a bed, shower etc. Pool table and small library, kids play room and different food stations spread out in this 3000 sqm lounge for your convenience. This stop-over was a Turkish delight!

söndag 16 oktober 2011


This weekend was spent with friends and family to celebrate the joining together of my dear sister and her now husband. They both looked radiant and I feel very blessed to have been a part of this. The wedding took place in an old mansion outside Stockholm where the majority of the guests spent the night. The weather turned out to be a beautiful autumn day sparkling with colors. I wore a dress bought at Kotyr.

First toast as husband and wife

My brother Lukas sang during the cermony. The happy couple, my parents on the dance floor.

Mum, me and my grand mother

My brother and his twin boys

Opps, got to run! will post some more pics some other day

torsdag 13 oktober 2011


When we went to the Grand Bazar, (highly recommended), plenty of beautiful porcelain and souvenirs’, I found these stunning bowls. Wanted to buy a big plate as well but dont really know where to put it...


Wanted to show some more pictures from Istanbul. It was such an amazing city!

tisdag 11 oktober 2011

Risotto and brownie

Last night we had a fantastic dinner with our dear friends. Mushroom Risotto with a Swedish touch of Västerbottenost (a fantastic Swedish cheese) instead of parmesan. I ate 4 portions.

Chocolate brownie from the Standard Grill in NY. Rich chocolate taste with whipped cream and sea salt. Absolutely divine! No one I know cooks like Henrik and Marilinn!