onsdag 30 juni 2010

On my bed table

Clarins night cream and Victoiras secret body butter

tisdag 29 juni 2010

Svarta sopsäckar...

Anledningen till varför det är svarta påsar längs med stranden är för att man skall kunna dra upp och ner katamaranerna (segelbåtarna) utan att skrapa dem mot stenar etc. Vem skrev detta? Är det möjligen så att jag har en läsare som jag inte är släkt med? No? Är det möjligt?? Ge dig tillkänna...


Let me introduce, Hussein. This our personal trainer that is going to help me get into shape. Mostly i want to become a bit stronger and faster. Have signed up for the "midnight race" in Stockholm in August and need to shape up before that.
Do you want to see pics from the training sessions or is that boring? Should I give som tip on "how to gat a flat tummy fast" or is that nothing you want to read about?Hussein is a former Nigerian wrestler and has 4 kids with his wife at age of 32. He works extra as a bouncer at "Aura" (one of the hot spot night clubs in Lagos) and also at a gym during day time.

söndag 27 juni 2010

Var på SPA i fredags

Jag vet att det är fåfängt, men nu har min lugg äntligen växt ut till en ok längd som gör att jag kan ha mittbena igen, jag impulsklippte den i julas när jag skulle på middag och var utelåst men behövde tvätta håret. Gick till frisören på hörnet för ett tvätt och fön, bläddrade i en tidning och såg en tjock, fin lugg utan virvel, och sa lite trevande till frisören, "det här var fint", 3 min senare hade jag en kleopatralugg med virvel mitt i. Bra när man bor i ett land med ca 75-80% luftfuktighet vilket innebär att den är frissig hela tiden.....

och så var jag på spa i fredags förresten.

Another nice day at the Lagos Yacht club.

My friend Hanneke bought "Ze Love Boat" from a french couple that where leaving.
Yogi is showing here on how to work it, work it, work it.

torsdag 24 juni 2010

"one dog without vaccine, please"


Have been busy at work. How about you guys?
A funny thing that I do here is to plug in our European standard contacts to the Nigerian outlets.
To do so I have to pres my plug with 2 spikes into the outlet with 3 holes, I must stick a pen, screw, key or other sharp object into the remaining hole.
I’m surprised I haven’t got an electric shock yet, it’s always a gamble…

I sat in the car the other day talking to Charles, (driver), we talked about the fact that some Nigerian eat dogs, he pointed out that they would not eat the “Oyibo-dogs” (dogs that have expat owners, oyibo means “white person”) because those dogs have gotten vaccines and you don’t want to eat that…

tisdag 22 juni 2010

Goa, söta tjejer!

Mycket söta damer!
Dessa härliga tjejer spenderade jag många timmar med förra sommaren!
Saknar er och alla härliga glassar!

lördag 12 juni 2010

Happy Birthday Chioma!

My friend Chioma had a birthday party this Friday and I was invited...What has happend since the last time i made a posting? I got some kind of spider/insect bite on my back so Ive been to the hospital 3-4 times this week to look at it. I though about putting up a pic, but it is just to hectic. On thursday the pain was really bad so I decided, together with the doctor, to cut it open to remove the poision etc.
When I hear the doctor talking to a nurse or whatever about "eggs under the skin" i freak out. I just try to think about something else and breath in and out. The area was so infected to the cutting of the thing hurt alot. I was crying (and maybe screaming) and I though that I had a good resistance to pain! Anyway, its healing now and the swolling has gone down almost totaly. Yaaay! I went to the market this morning to get some stuff for the house. Rainy season has juuust started, nice...

torsdag 3 juni 2010

3 books in 2 weeks...

I’ve been thinking and I actually think that Lagos Traffic deserves a separate posting.
Before I got down here my husband was already around and I asked him about Lagos and what it is like. He just said, “Traffic…”. Honestly I thought, “common, how bad can it be?”. He insisted that I didn’t understand and Lagos traffic is something you need to experience to understand.
When I got to Lagos I was blown away (in a bad way) about traffic, and then I hadn’t seen nothing yet. Rainy season was still to come… It is unbelievable and I could NEVER had imagine what traffic is like her.
I live 5-6 minutes from the office by car, if I’m out of luck and traffic is bad it can take me up to 1,45h. So the solution to this is to just give up and accept the fact that you can never really predict traffic.
Just learn to live with it and always bring work, a book , soddoku, crosswords or company in the car. If you see it from the bright side you get the opportunity to work on your patience.
I have finished 3 books in 2 weeks, mostly thanks to rainy season…