söndag 30 maj 2010

Sailing in sea

Another wonderful afternoon at the Yacht club, im so hooked. I just want to sail, sail and sail. We went out on oper water today, the sea was angry. We sailed to a beach and had a short walk to a subsidirate club house to the club. We sailed out again and it was absolutely amazing! Swam in the ocean until my sailing instructor started to talk about white sharks... We had a brai on a small island, pig wrapped dades, spanish hot dogs, hummus, and a feta cheese sallad. I got brusies and cuts all over my body, eish. A HUGE black one on my thigh, nice. :)

fredag 28 maj 2010

Perfect start for the Friday

Conditioner in my hair, and the water in the shower is finished...

torsdag 27 maj 2010

Paul in Naija

Yesterday was a lovely night. Paul came to dinner! I prepared barbeque chicken and cut vegetables and when I was about to put it into the oven, the oven was of coarse broken! I get sooo tired! I had to buy Thai take away... haha anyway. It was great seeing Paul again and seeing him is a bit like seeing Nadia and Lea. :)
Now, since I have a little more spare time on my hands, I yesterday put up some pics on my fridge, more to come. We also had a gentleman for dinner that had matching shirts with me so I felt that it had to be documented with a picture!

onsdag 26 maj 2010

Reading in traffic

I have got my hands on a really exciting book to read in traffic. Its very unpredictable and written in a very unusual way. Let me know if you want to borrow it when im done...

tisdag 25 maj 2010

Nice, huh?

Now when I’m officially on summer holiday I’ve started to do stuff after work.
Last night I went to have a manicure. We have a salon just next to where we live, I can even walk there if it is not dark outside!
The salon is famous and have many times been in Nigerian films, so called Nollywood films.
Nollywood is one of the largest film producing countries in the world, after Bollywood and Hollywood.
Apparently, at Moneas (the salon) is where all the cool cats hang out…

måndag 24 maj 2010

Lovely weekend

Had a lovely weekend with my friends Andre and Hanika, the Saturday was spent at the Yacht club and Sunday sailing Katamaran in the lagoon. Im a quite unexperienced sailer but it worked out perfectly and we went out and hung over the border of the boat to give it weight in the right place. It was such an amazing feeling fling right over the water surface. You are attached to a harness that holds you so you dont fall off the boat. It was absolutely unbelivable!!

tisdag 18 maj 2010


Lets go! A new posting on the blog, can you better believe it!

I had malaria for the first time, quite an experience but now its done and Im feeling much stronger. The other pics are from the the Federal Palace Hotel in Lagos, we live next door and they have a biiiig garden and a terrace over looking the waterfront and sky line, a nice place for a cool drink in the afternoon sun och a sunday morning brunch which is magnificent! Probably the best in Lagos! The other pic is on a very sweet girl I met here, we came from the same area, went to the same school and had the same teachers! :) Im a biiiit older though... hehe

torsdag 13 maj 2010

Middag + lite drama!

Fantastiskt härlig färg på krabborna!
Vi hade gäster igår, det hela började då med att jag skulle åka och handla. Jag plocker ihop mina grejer och kommer till kassan. Jag småpratar med kassörskan och berättar att jag suttit i kassan en gång i tiden och jag vet att det kan vara tugnt för axlarna ibland, etc etc. Vi pratar och skrattar lite. När jag ska betala så ser jag på displayen att det landar på 10,000 Naira, det låter rimligt så jag betalar och jag har packat min varor och skall precis gå då jag ser att hon slänger ett öga på om jag tar kvittot eller inte. Jag får en feeling att jag borde ta kvittot så jag tar det och ser då att det inte alls kostade 10,000 utan 7500 naira. Vad hon då har gjort är att när jag har sett att det står 10,000 på displayen så har hon när hon fått mina pengar dragit av 2 varor som felslag och på kvittot står det då 7,500, mao hon kan stoppa 2500 naira i fickan.... Ni undrar då förståss vad jag gjorde? När jag ifrågasatte varför kvittot visade en summa och hon sa en annan, så sa hon till mig. "Just leave, ok!!" "Here, take your stupid money!" och kastade pengarna på mig!! Menmen, här kommer lite bilder från middagen.

torsdag 6 maj 2010

Rainy season has started

Rainy season has started...
It means that it can take me 1-2h to get to work instead of 10 min.
Everything is so damp, it feels like my hair never dries.
I got an exciting gift in the mail the other day! Thanks Julia!