tisdag 15 december 2009

doing the dishes...

We have a kitchen at the office were a girl called Veronica works. I always bring my 10 coffee cups at the end of the day (week) when she is about to leave and just finished the dishes. I apologise that I bring the things so late and that she probable want to go home, I see that we have a dishwasher, I point at it and say "Oh we have a dishwasher!", she says "Yes we do, so its no problem at all". I went back to my office with a little ligther concience. The other day I was in the kithcen alone, decided to put my things in the dish washer, this is what i found...

See the menue at pur local restaurant.

The entrance to our house, on the side...


Today after work my colleague and I are having a end-of-year-function at my place. Just some indian food and watching the sunset over the ocean. Looking forward to that. Cant believe that it is christmas now!

Went to a friends house yesterday for glögg (I made it myself!)

måndag 14 december 2009

Oshogbo village

We went to Oshogbo over the weekend a village 4 hours outside Lagos. UNESCO preserved the village to e official heritage. It is a forest basicly full of sculptures and work of art. It is an austrian lady that used to do them, she lived in Nigeria for 50 years, died this year at age 93. She built caves and skulptures in the forest. Everything was in a beautiful setting with rivers and palm forests and babmu trees. I got around 400 mosquito bites and are now just counting the days until malaria...

A famous Austrian arist lived in this house, she died this year at the age of 93

Charles and I having Fun milk! A Danish frozen youghurt icescream.

In the village

In the village

Inside a cave in the middle of the forest

Statue by the river bed


Art in the shape of a cat

Meet Mr Peacock

Hugo the turtle

onsdag 9 december 2009

Quality control

See this picture, isnt it beautiful? I like Lagos alot so far, the reputation is bad but I have t say Im very possitivly surprised. People are friendly and helpful. Of course there are draw backs of this country as we all are avare of, but this is not a political blog so I will not spend any time on it.

Our first guest is to leave the house today, we had a good time. Next party of three will be the lovely Eddie and Daré and mini-Eddy. That will be great, we will then have som furniture. Haha, crazy. We only have 2 chairs + 1 we borrowed from the guards. Yesterday when our guest sat on one of the chairs, it broke!! So the quality is fantastic, now we only have 1 chair...

måndag 7 december 2009

nothing really imprortant...

Christmas decorations all over the city! Traffic was bad today but I hope it will clear up for christmas soon. alot of people go to their villages.

I have NO christmas feeling what so ever so far. A sweet collegue of mine sent saffron! Im so happy about that! I will try to bake something nice with it.
We will be leaving for christmas on the 17th and be back the 2nd.

söndag 6 december 2009

our first guest

Hey All!

Its been an extremely hectic weekend, I cant believe its Monday tomorrow!
We are having our first guest in the house. I feel a bit sorry for him though, no furniture etc...
He is staying until Wednesday, he is an old friend from SA.
Any one else that wants to come?

fredag 4 december 2009

Whats up!?

Today has been a hectic day, to say the least. Traffic is crazy coz Kirk Franklin is in town for a concert. He comes every year.
I got a package in the mail today from stockholm, two calendars and 5 bags of saffron! Yaaay! Now i can bake Lussebullar for Lucia. We went to an expat family that are leaving Nigeria after 6 years here and we bought alot of their furniture. Dining table and chairs, some furniture for the balcony, will provide pics when its deliverd in 2 weeks. The weekend that are coming up = work. Its alot of fun though and Im really enjoying my time in Nigeria.

They have started to decorate the city for christmas and its turning out really nice but I still cant seem to get the christmas feeling in me...

What I miss the most about Europe or SA, is coffee! I havnt had a "real" coffee since I got here. I didnt know that I was such a junkie! Haha. Anyway, Im not missing anything in particular. I have met the most amazing people, one of them convinced me to run the New York marathon next year, well see how that works out...

Some figures since I got here:
Max persons on a ogada (motor bike): 4 (2 kids and adults)
Persons that import their own toilet paper: 1 (an american lady)
Coconuts falling on our office roof: 4 (Its a LOUD sound and then something falling outside the window)
Power cuts: 23 (im not counting the ones at home, only office hours)
Bags of fried plantin (sister of the banana) eaten: to many...
Times stuck in traffic: How many days have I been here??, same amount of times stuck in traffic...
Friends commenting on my blog: maybe 3?? at the most!

Talk to you soon!

New language...

I guess its time to start writing in english for my international friends...

tisdag 1 december 2009


Världens sötaste hund! Han kunde bli min för en billig penning.

Elnätet är inte 100% fungerande, kan det bero på detta?